Thermo Clear training bandages are made of a special material developed to ensure the comfort of both horses and their owners.

Their consistent structure perfectly protects your horse's limbs against impact and skin damage. The fibres are made of thin air-filled tubes to actively transport moisture to the surface. This lets the training bandages breathe, therefore supporting optimum body temperature maintenance and preventing the tendons from overheating.

The bandage's smooth surfaces help to keep them clean. Sand hardly sticks to their surface, making them a great solution for riders who wrap their horses for daily training.

Perfect for use during training

The material used to create our Thermo Clear training bandages is designed to stretch lengthwise only. This bi-stretch structure helps the bandages to fit perfectly to the leg, reducing points of pressure and supporting proper leg function during training. 

Because we care about quality and safety, we use military hook-and-loop fastening which holds fast even when wet or dirty. We also coated these surfaces with a water-resistant polymer.

Sold in sets of 4. Placed in a practical mesh bag.

Thermo Clear training bandages together with Thermo Silver training wraps complement each other perfectly to support your horse's legs during training.

Winderen Thermo Clear training bandages