Anatomic Top Line products are made of the finest materials and threads. Thanks to the use of natural felt and embossed 100% cotton, this saddle pad has excellent thermoregulation properties. Areas exposed to abrasions are given additional reinforcements to keep the saddle pad looking good, even in heavy use. In addition, the materials used for Anatomic Top Line are machine washable, and the saddle pad won’t shrink or lose its shape even after multiple washings.

Even in the cleanest stable, our horses and we are exposed daily to contact with bacteria, viruses, and fungi. There is no escape from them because they may be literally everywhere: in the stable, bedding, or horses' coats. Their omnipresence makes them a reason for chronic skin irritations and allergies. We have repeatedly observed the results of microbial activity on our horses and horses of our friends. The problem seemed crucially important to us, so we began looking for a technology that would reduce it effectively. Ultimately, we focused on silver ions, which had a well-documented broad spectrum of activity. What is more, it is possible to permanently implement them in equipment that has direct contact with sensitive horse skin.

That is why we decided to create the NanoSilver Line series.

Durable upper material

• Felt fill

• Embossed 100% cotton

Winderen Saddle pad Jumping NanoSilver Line