NanoSilver Line Saddle Pads

Anatomic Top Line
Why silver?
Silver ions provide antibacterial and antifungal effects. They reduce the risk of bacterial infection by limiting the development of sweat-borne microbes and minimising their growth above natural levels. They are commonly used in medicine and in the production of sportswear.
In Winderen NanoSilver Line saddle pads, the bottom layer (which is in direct contact with the horse’s back) is made of a technologically advanced material with silver ions incorporated directly in the fibres. The ions are not discharged to the skin and the saddle pad therefore remains gentle to the skin without affecting its natural pH value, making it the perfect solution for horses susceptible to allergies. Furthermore, the silver ions contained in the fibres ensure continued effectiveness even after repeated washing. The unique structure of this material, in combination with the felt layer, effectively removes sweat and moisture. The silver ions also reduce unpleasant odours, allowing the saddle pad to stay fresh for a longer period of time.
Especially recommended for:
• Allergic and sensitive horses
• Horses with skin lesions or burns in the saddle area
• Horses having problems with inflammation of hair follicles of bacterial origin
• Horses suffering from coat loss and chafing at the back

Winderen Saddle pad Jumping NanoSilver Line