Correction Saddle Half Pad
Correction version of Winderen Saddle Half Pad has a special cover giving you the perfect fit, regardless of the number of inserts used. No matter what configuration you choose, its panels remain in stable and optimal position.
Correction saddle half-pad is based on Back Protect Solution inserts in Comfort version (18mm thick) or Slim (10mm thick).

6-Pockets Inserts
More precise fit to the horse's muscles. The shape of the panels was created to perfectly adjust to  the back line in consultation with veterinarians and physiotherapists.
The middle panel helps correct the position and adherence of the saddle to the back of the dropped topline horses.

Correction Pad Cover
Correction pad has a cover with elastic band that perfectly fit the inserts.
No matter the configuration of the pads you choose, the panels are always in optimal and stable position.

Felt Correction Panels
The set includes panels in three thicknesses: 2, 3 and 4 mm.
It allows to adjust the pad up to 9mm and also make it possible to regulate desired correction in the range from 2mm to 9mm, on both sides.
Benefits for the Horse

Perfect Fit
Considerable spot pressure reduction and even load distribution on the horse's back make your saddle fit properly.
Muscle Support
The muscles along your horse's back can now loosen and tighten much more easily during your everyday training sessions.
Your horse moves freely and easily in each gait.
Dynamically Reduced Pressure
The pressure on your horses back when taking off and landing while jumping over fences is significantly reduced.
Benefits for the Rider

Ergonomic Design
Your back muscles work more freely when riding and jumping over fences.
Tension Minimizing
You feel much less back and neck pain after training sessions or competitions.
Saddle Stability
Minimized instability effect.

Winderen saddle half pad Jumping Correction system comfort 18mm