Thermo Clear thermoactive stable bandages are made of materials with a vapor-permeable membrane that is non-adhesive for the shavings on the outside. Due to the material used these bandages do not only keep the legs effectively warm after wrapping, but also allows breathing on their entire surface and actively wicks away moisture, therefore, the stable wraps help to avoid overheating of tendons. The surface of the bandages is designed in a special way to prevent remains of shavings and straw. This makes them very practical, especially for those who wrap their horses daily.
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Perfect for stable use

Bandages are made of non-elastic material, and are therefore safe for wrapping over night. Properly placed, they do not move or roll, and remain in the right place on the leg all night long. In addition, with quality and safety in mind, we use military Velcro that holds tight even when the bandages get wet and dirty.
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Sold in a set of 4.
Packaged in a practical mesh bag.
Thermo Clear stable bandages together with Thermo Silver stable wraps are perfectly complementing each other in supporting the regeneration of your horse's legs during the rest in the stall.
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Thermo Silver Stable Wraps

Stable wraps with Nano silver 

Thermo Silver wraps are extremely soft and convenient to use, they are easy to be put around the horse's legs. They consist of three layers: a modern material containing silver ions directly in the yarn, antibacterial Thinsulate heat insulation, as well as vapor-permeable cotton.

Thermo Clear stable bandages set of 4