Aluminum bracket made of anticorodal 6000 series, material normally used in the automotive and aeronautical sector. The whole A33 Stephi 2.0 bracket is ultra-resistant both to abrasion and mechanical stress. The colors are not obtained with a classic painting but through an oxidation process that confers high characteristics of resistance to corrosion and abrasion. The arch of this stirrup has been connected on both sides, so as not to scratch the saddle when storing it with the brackets hanging, and to facilitate the release of the foot in the event of a fall, in addition to avoiding abrasion of the boots of the knight. The bow slot is very robust and wide to facilitate the use of both traditional stirrups and Ideal Dressage. The base of the bench is made of the same material as the arch while the cover is made of 1 mm thick stainless steel. The surface gives grip and therefore safety to the rider.

Prestige Stephi Jump 2.0