impact on tongue, poll and corners of the mouth
with gag effect, puts pressure on the corners of the mouth
variable pure options to adjust the leverage effect on the poll and the pressure on the corners of the mouth
high lateral contact
suitable for horses with pronounced forward tendencies, especially ideal for horses that pull or lean on the bit
bit guards protect the lips
special production in size 120 mm possible
with steel core

Overview of the advantages 
• made of high-quality thermoplastic
• for satisfaction and motivation on sensitive and mouth-sensitive horses 
• excellent tolerance, anti-allergic 
• food safe, solvent free, no plasticisers 
• smooth surface, no eraser-effect 
• temperature- neutral, high flexibility when cold 
• dimensionally stable, high mechanic resistance 
• steel core in standard bits (except size 110 mm) 
• side parts made of high-quality stainless steel 
• Made in Germany

Nathe 3-ring bit 20 mm with sliding cheek