An English horse blanket wool coat for beagles, spaniels, small Labradors & other mid-sized dogs.

Soft, warm and hardwearing they also make super coats to keep an older dog warm in the house or kennel. With great wicking properties they are fantastic at drying and warming a working dog at the end of the day too.

The Springer shown is wearing a 45cm or 18" coat whilst a mid-sized Labrador would typically take a 55cm or 22" coat.

New for winter 2017 we have added a collar to the coat. Pictures to follow shortly.

Made by hand here in England from pure wool horse blanket.
The blanket is woven on a traditional oversized loom before being milled in to give a finished weight of 700gsm. It's then washed, dried, combed and brushed a number of times to produce the super soft pile whilst retaining its hardwearing qualities.
Each coat is then cut out of the blanket by hand and carefully sewn up to produce a fine quality dog coat.

Mid Sized Witney Dog Coat