The Liveryman Classic Rechargeable Trimmer features a highly efficient brushless motor and is lightweight for ease of use.  Stylishly shaped to the formation of the hand. This allows for heavy duty trimming.  Such as hogging manes, trimming tails, clipping heads, legs.  They have a life time of 10,000 hours usage.
Suitable for Dog Clipping and Groomers aswell 
The adjustable blade allows you to blend the trim from 0.8mm, through to 2mm length of hair.
Comes complete with four comb attachments, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm.
Fully charges in 2.5 hours and allows 3.5 hours at least of clipping time.
Colour Red

Liveryman / Kare-Pro Classic Rechargeable Trimmer Red