This shock absorber (Backpad) is made of first quality full grain soft leather.

Size M (Medium) is suitable for saddles 16.5 and 17, size L (Large) is suitable for saddles 17.5 and 18.

The "memory" foam will settle and hug the shape of the horse's back when the saddle is fitted and strapped on the horse with the weight of the rider.

It is not compensated for changing the balance of the saddle. The shape cut at the withers allows a very good release.

It is customizable according to your wishes and the maintenance is extremely easy just apply the same principle as for the rest of your tack equipment.

Guaranteed that this backpad can follow you for years.

Maintenance advice :

As we use natural leathers, they must be treated regularly with appropriate maintenance products with a cleansing and moisturising effect in order to preserve their beauty and suppleness.

Before the first use, it should be entirely treated at least twice with the Ikonic leather oil.

This nourishes the leather and creates a protective natural barrier which will improve the patina of the leathers and avoid any excessive wear.

In order not to damage the leather permanently, it is necessary to use good maintenance products.

Use our leather oil, leather grease and the numerous other care products we have specially developed.

We advise not to oil excessively, after the first applications of oil it is preferable to use cleaning cream or our glycerin soap, as an excessive nourishing with oil of supple leathers makes that the fiber "swells" and the supple leather loses his patina and resistance to wear.

These are a bespoke item 
Please allow 4 weeks

Ikonic soft leather saddlepad