Our pony saddle has been completely revised and improved, in this new version the twist of the tree is even narrower and allows children to get more into the saddle, the leathers are improved and even more soft so that children can have more contact and grip.

The purpose of this saddle is really to help children find their position while being able to relax, which will help them for the rest of their life as a rider.  

We want to offer the riders the possibility to perform their sport at all levels benefiting from a saddle made of highly qualitative materials and technically sophisticated, and this for a reasonable price.

This saddle is customizable by allowing you to choose the color of the rear piping that you like (the stirrup leather keeper is always matching the rear piping for this model).

As always with the Ikonic saddles the gullet is interchangeable and the panels are reflockable with wool, which is essential to be able to fit the saddle (even more in this case with the ponies that can be so different).

The panels are wide to distribute the pressure and the underflaps are integrated to have more contact.

Maintenance & Care instructions:

Our leathers are natural and to maintain their beauty and softness they must be regularly treated with appropriate care products that have a cleaning, nourishing and hydrating effect.

Before first use, you should treat your new Ikonic saddle at least twice completely with Ikonic Leather Oil.

This will nourishes and creates a natural protective barrier that will improve the life of the leathers and prevent excessive fast wear.

In order not to damage the leather permanently, it is imperative to use the right cleaning products.

Use our leather oil, our grease and other care products we have developed.

!! For all our saddles with lined flaps, we advise not to oil excessively; it is preferable to use cleaning cream or our glycerin soap, as an excessive nourishing with oil of supple leathers makes that the fiber "swells" and the supple leather loses his patina and resistance to wear.

PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 weeks