The brand new IKONIC jumping saddle Elite, recognisable through the carbon plate, represents a perfect match between tradition and modernity. The quality of the leather from the best French tanneries offers a maximum comfort for rider and horse. The smaller withers opening of the saddle gives a better position and support to the rider.

The Elite saddle is equipped with several gel pads. Strategically placed in the seat, in the region of the ischium and at the extremities of the gullet, they absorb the shock waves of the rider and the horse, amongst others after a jump. 

Besides the saddle tree in injected composite, the saddle is also equipped with a half-rigid plate at the back of the quarter. While girthing the horse remains easy, the half-rigid plate avoids that the leg of the rider moves backwards during his jump. 

This new saddle remains faithfull to the specifity of the brand! A easily changeable gullet and refillable flaps with natural wool ensure a perfect adjustement to the rider and the horse. 

All the ingredients are gathered to guarantee quality, comfort and performance !

Maintenance advice

As we use natural leathers, they must be treated regularly with appropriate maintenance products with a cleansing and moisturising effect in order to preserve their beauty and suppleness.

Before the first use, the new Ikonic saddle should be entirely treated at least twice with the Ikonic leather oil.

This nourishes the leather and creates a protective natural barrier which will improve the patina of the leathers and avoid any excessive wear.

In order not to damage the leather permanently, it is necessary to use good maintenance products.

Use our leather oil, leather grease and the numerous other care products we have specially developed.

PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 weeks