This IKONIC CONFORT General purpose saddle with half-deep seat offers a very good value for money, is comfortable and solid.

The model is more like a dressage saddle, the points are longer, the tree is adapted differently without having the cantle and the flaps as straight as a dressage saddle, this saddle is perfectly suitable for hacking and also for flat work.

The panels are wide to distribute the pressure and integrated into the under flap to eliminate the thickness between the tree and the horse.

An additional cut in the under flap helps to improve the side contact with the horse.

A wide 3 points-fastening of the girth allows a distributed traction to keep your saddle flat on the horse's back.

A wide pommel opening at the withers avoids "pinching".

This saddle is still faithful to the habitual specificities of the brand!

Furthermore you can customize the rear piping which will always match with the stirrup keeper.