The IKONIC cross-country saddle with monoflap is made with the best french leather and give the rider and the horse a perfect comfort.

The saddle has an interchangeable gullet system so the saddle adapt itself everytime to the back of your horse. The panel can be stuff what allows to optimize their thickness according to your horse. 

The knee roll are advanced that the rider can ride with short stirrup without that the knee out of the saddle is. 

The front block is integrated to give ease and comfort, the rear block prevent that the leg move back. 

The reinforcement of the down part of the flap allows to prevent the wear engendred by the friction of the stirrup leather. The skirt is made of vegetable leather and is very resistant, he prevent also the wear engendred by the stirrup bar.

The saddle have long billets and needs a short girth or jumping girth.