The Ikonic « DRYTEC » cooler rug is specially designed to dry your horse after exercise.
Its technical and innovative fabric allows to efficiently evacuate humidity in the atmosphere, while keeping your horse warm.

The “DRYTEC” fabric is made of 3 layers:
- the inside layer is made of tight knitted acrylic fibers, it brings warmth and solidity to the rug, and allows it to maintain its shape.
- the intermediary layer is a thermo insulator which lets humidity through
- the inside layer brings warmth and comfort to the horse, it evacuates humidity to the external layer and keeps the horse dry.

Soft and breathable rug, combining performance and elegance. It can be used as a show rug, but is also adapted for travel or as stable rug. An IKONIC must have!
Classic chestclosing and adjustable low cross surcingles.
Available in brown and navy.