Blanket raincoats raincoat Horses model " Rainquick ", ideal for mounting thanks to the holes for the brackets and its fit comfortable on the horse. Perfect for summer walks and workouts, when the rain might surprise us during the day!

The blanket is equipped with a fixed collar  with front closure with double velcro and carabiner, in the upper part of the neck there is an additional velcro closure to be able to fix the blanket to our halter and ride safely, or to leave the horse in the paddock.

The waterproof fabric ensures that our horse does not get wet, and is perfect to use with under our saddle, the practical holes for the stirrups keep the blanket in place, without the need for closing straps.

The deck is equipped with a practical waterproof bag that allows it to be transported and stored easily without wetting the stable.

The blanket is adjustable on the back. There is also a single hook on one side only, designed for those who want to fix the blanket in another way during the ride.

HorseS Rainquick logo on the side 

Horses Rainquick Waterproof K-Way Blanket

Colour: Navy