Horses Bio Ceramic bell boots.

Made of TPU with neoprene lining, with bioceramic fibers in the lining fabric, they are super flexible and resistant, offer excellent protection to the horse's heel bulbs and fit perfectly with the Velcro strap closure. They have nylon reinforcements and are opaque with shiny details.

Available in three sizes. SOLD AS PAIR.

Size M: Height 11cm - circumference of the part of the fetlock 22cm [narrower]

Size L: Height 11.5 cm - circumference of the part of the fetlock 24cm [narrower]

Size XL: Height 12cm - circumference of the part of the fetlock 26cm [narrower]

* the measurement is carried out manually, therefore there may be slight differences


Bio-Ceramics is the result of the enrichment of fabric fibers with a mix of noble minerals and is an innovation in the field of equitation and sports in general. Releases and emits far infrared rays, FIR rays (Far Infrared Rays) which are naturally emitted by sunlight. The contact with fabrics of the Horses BioCeramic products, improves the exchange of oxygen and promotes the microcirculation of the blood with consequent anti-inflammatory effect. Bio Ceramics is found in the texture of the Horses BioCeramic fabric, which in contact with the horse favors the general well-being.

The FIR are far infrared rays, which are naturally emitted by the sun and are known as "rays of life". These rays can penetrate into the body up to 5-7 cm and are absorbed by sunlight. They have no side effects and Bio Ceramic products can be used without problems over time. Horses Bio Ceramic products emit FIR rays and reflect those emitted by the horse's legs, increasing the infrared rays that "strike" it and favoring the well-being that this material confers. The FIR rays increase the local microcirculation of the horse's leg (or where the product is in contact) favoring a greater blood supply and consequently the increase of the oxygen contained in it.

By stimulating the microcirculation of the blood there is also an increase in the speed of expulsion of the catabolites, that is, the metabolic waste of the body.

Why use a Horses Bio Ceramic product?

Both for the general welfare of the sports horse's leg, and for those horses suffering from muscle or tendon diseases, in addition to the prescribed therapy. These pathologies can be: arthritis or osteoarthritis, muscle pain or stiffness.

Horses Bio Ceramic Bell Boots