Composition: Pelham with 35 mm rods, 20 mm stainless steel cannon covered in leather and double and central olive in German Silver (65% copper, 23% zinc, 12% nickel, a relaxing and solid alloy).

Jump'In leather snakes are very soft and comfortable for the horse. Unlike stainless steel, mild iron or other alloys, leather prevents too cold contact.

The leather fillets are not guaranteed against bites even from the first use.

Effect: the Pelham offers a more or less strong leverage depending on the length of the rods and the adjustment of the curb in order to have more control over your horse. 

Advice for use: all Pelhams can be used alone, with double rein or with the bridge. Similarly, the action of the curb can be softened according to the material being used. The leather-covered cannon prevents too cold contact in the horse's mouth and gives it a little more comfort.

Sizes: 125 and 135

Care advice: rinse well after each use to limit the deposit of residues and cause discomfort to the horse. Grease the skin with a vegetable oil (Warning: do not use synthetic oils) to maintain a soft and pleasant contact for your horse.

Hervé Godignon Pelham Jump'in With Olive Covered In Leather