Fenwick Equestrian's Liquid Titanium® Far InfraRed fabric incorporates a patented technology which has resulted in the production of a highly functional therapeutic Leg Wrap that reduces inflammation naturally. Our Liquid Titanium® products improve blood flow without compression and accelerates the healing process. Our therapeutic leg wraps can be worn under a bandage or polo with no adverse effects. Unlike many other therapeutic bandages, Fenwick's can be left on 24/7.
Our leg wraps can also be used on the knees and hocks.  Method of application will be the same way you apply sheet cotton and bandage with a spider bandage, Vet wrap or adhesive tape.

Our Far Infrared fabric enhances the body's natural ability to heal!
Our cutting edge fabric allows one to continually wash the product without diluting the qualities. This performance fabric functions equally as well on a wet horse as a dry horse.

Fenwick Liquid Titanium therapeutic leg wraps (set of two)

Colour: Grey