Finest quality traditional English Horse Blanket Square.
Our English horse blanket squares are made from pure new wool (700gsm) and measure 210 x 205cm (82" x 80") approximately.
The body of the blanket is amber in colour whilst the bars running through the blanket alternate between red and dark navy blue.
The lower and upper edges are blanket stitched with navy blue yarn and above this sits the traditional navy pin stripe line.  
Thick, soft, and warm they are traditionally used in winter as an extra warm under blanket or at other times as a drying blanket.
Increasingly our customers are also using them as cosy, colourful blankets on beds and settees or as a picnic blanket.

The pure new wool in the blanket is woven on a traditional oversized loom before being milled in to give a finished weight of 700gsm. It's then washed, dryed, combed and brushed a number of times to produce the raised pile. This process produces a blanket which is warm and soft, whilst retaining its hardwearing qualities.

Each blanket is then cut from the roll and inspected before being blanket stitched on "Old Thumper"- our blanket stitching machine from the 1930's. We love these blankets and this allows us to continue the tradition as the custodians of this much loved, traditional English product.
Made in England

English Horse Blanket Square