The perfect horse blanket for warming up, at the show or simply for keeping a clipped horse warm hacking out .

It can be put on or removed with tack in place making it convenient and ensuring that no pressure points build up between the tack and the horse's back. Witney exercise blankets are very warm, super soft and hardwearing so it's no surprise that they have been used internationally on race horses for generations.

This modern style of exercise sheet means that now there is a perfect Witney Exercise Blanket for event horses, showjumpers, dressage horses and show horses.

 Medium fits up to a 15.3, Full 16-16.3 hands and Extra Full 17 hands and over.

Made in England, delivered world wide.

Thanks to our friends at Smart Riders in Finland for the photograph.

Made from traditional English horse blanket. The pure new wool blanket is woven on a traditional, oversized loom before being milled in to give a finished weight of 700gsm. The blanket is then washed, dryed, combed and brushed a number of times to produce the famous soft pile whilst retaining it's warmth, thickness and hardwearing qualities.  

Easy off Exercise Blanket