Acavallo "Massage" half pad for riding, made of gel with inserts in soft gel.

Made of three-in-one gel that combines an integrated double riser (front + rear) with anti-slip and shock-resistant properties.
This gel pad has a unique structure of "pillar" shaped elements that continuously move to help improve blood circulation in the muscles of the horse's back.
The gel is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and does not react negatively to the skin.
It will stop any unwanted movement of the saddle both back and forth and from one side to the other. 
The central part has a slightly thinner gel depth allowing it to remain fixed on the horse's spine.

Characteristics of Acavallo® gel
- Encourage freedom of movement
- Stabilize the saddle
- Relieve pressure
- Absorb and distribute the weight
- Non-toxic
- Safe for use on the skin
- Easy to wash

Information and care
- The pad can be machine washed (30 degrees) or hand in a bucket of water with little detergent.
- Do not use aggressive detergents.
- Do not tumble dry.
- Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight.
- Leave to dry naturally.

Acavallo Massage Gel Pad DOUBLE RISER