The Acavallo memory foam compensator combines the shockproof properties of memory foam with a microfiber lining. 

The anatomical cut of the compensator and the technical characteristics of the memory foam allow the pad to adapt and mold itself deeply to the horse's silhouette, also allowing to distribute the surface pressure over a large area. 
Added to these features are the ability to absorb shocks, dampen vibrations and regulate the horse's body temperature. 

Designed to fit any style and size of English saddles, the compensator can be used alone or combined with any traditional square saddle pad. 

Characteristics of Acavallo® Memory Foam: 
- Absorbs shocks
- Eliminates rubbing and friction 
- Becomes very thin where there are already pressure points and no volume required 
- Disperses pressure evenly 

Info & care: 
- Machine washable at 30 ° C or simply by hand with water and mild soap 
- Do not use detergents aggressive 
- Do not tumble dry