The Acavallo close contact compensator in Gel Classic model, allows the skin to breathe while maintaining excellent contact with the saddle. 

The shaped gel with which it is composed makes it thicker than a traditional pad, but guarantees a dual purpose, both anti-slip and shock-absorbing. 
A great strength is to avoid any unwanted movement of the saddle in any direction: forward, backward and sideways. 
Furthermore, the Gel is able to compensate for the small imperfections of the horse's back, making it suitable even for slightly more “rounded” backs.
The central part of the compensator has a smaller thickness which allows it to better adapt to the withers and the back of the horse thus ensuring a greater space between the saddle and the Gel which allows a continuous recirculation of air. 

The Classic Gel Acavallo® is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and does not react negatively in contact with the skin, characteristics that allow the compensator to be used directly in contact with it. 
The Gel can also be cut and then adapted, if necessary, to any type of saddle. 

Features Acavallo® Gel: 
- Absorbs shocks 
- Stabilizes the saddle 
- Relieves pressure 
- Close contact: does not alter the balance of the saddle 
- Light weight
- Non-toxic - safe for use on the skin 
- Extremely elastic 
- Easy maintenance 

Info & care: 
- Machine washable at 30 ° C or simply by hand with water and mild soap 
- Do not use aggressive detergents 
- Do not tumble dry 
- Do not expose to direct heat or intense sunlight 
- Allow to dry naturally